Who we are?

Are you tired of traditional and outdated agencies? Meet our team. We are a team established in Eskişehir and providing freelance services in the back-end and front-end areas on a full-time basis. If you still haven't found the team you're looking for, you're in the right place!

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How do we work?

  • 1

    You upload your designs
    and requests.

  • 2

    We make our review and contact you.

  • 3

    On a common denominator
    we meet and start work.

What do we use?


What did we do last?

Sanal Mağazalar
Mağazalar ve kullanıcıları bir arada buluşturan Sanalmağazalar projesi, 3 aylık süren çalışma sonucu front-end ve back-end işleri bizim tarafımızdan yapıldı.